The Fish & The Fly 4 Streamers

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Again we join Morten Oeland on fishing trips in different locations. We fish in high mountain lakes and saltwater along the open shore. The movie is about streamers and surface flies. We see the prey the streamers imitate and the different techniques Morten uses when fishing the flies. Underwater cameras have provided stunning photography of trout taking the streamers and they have documented the trout´s reactions to the streamers. Up close and under water! Morten is well known for his innovative fly tying techniques, which are both simple and effective. In the fly tying movie Morten shows exactly how he ties his streamers and surface flies. Most of them are his own effective paterns. This is a movie you have to watch over and over again. It is very instructive, and it shows new techniques. but it is also a movie with beautiful scenery, fishing actions and big trout.

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