Casting That Fly 1

33,00 DKK

Master casting instructor, Lars Chr. Bentsen, guides you all the way through the movie. Lars Chr. Bentsen is a certified Master Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and is recognized internationally for his ability to teach fly casting. This movie is about casting a single hand fly rod.

He shows how to put the gear together: Rod, fly reel, backing, fly line and leader.

He shows you how easy it is to get started with your very first fly cast. We take a look at roll casting, overhead casting, double hauling and how to shoot line.

But first and foremost, Lars Chr. Bentsen concentrates on the important basic elements of a good fly cast. Even though it is a movie for beginners, more experienced fly fishers will benefit from knowing the basics. Knowledge of the basics of fly casting makes it easier to correct your own faults.

A good fly cast is easy and elegant, and this movie shows how to achieve just that.

Spillelængde:  82 min.

Sprog:  Dansk

Undertekster:  Danske

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